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Grey Matters Now

Mar 2, 2022

One common tool in everyones wellness, healing and navigation toolbox and mentioned in every podcast episode is breath.  Yes - we need breath to exist, but we also need it to live and thrive.  Whether we feel stuck, paralyzed, escalated or ungrounded by the weight of the world or everyday challenges, breathing is our vehicle to navigate forward. Our breath is a powerful and exciting tool that can take us many more places than just forward.  A guide and expert can show us how to utilize this tool we carry with us everywhere, to unlock new spaces and experiences.

As a surfer, husband, father of two young girls, and an owner of two start-up businesses, Reis Paluso found himself searching for a way to maintain balance in life. By making a mind-body connection through the Wim Hof Method and summiting mountains in sub-zero temperatures wearing only shorts he began on a journey of unlocking his true potential and found the capacity to dig in just that much deeper into the things he is passionate about. After some exciting self discovery, he followed his heart down the path of becoming a certified Wim Hof Method instructor Instructor, breathwork coach, facilitator, and co-founder of Our Breath Collective in order to share these powerful tools with the world.  Our Breath Collective is a phenomenal  ndeavor with a vision to share the power of breath to inspire the extraordinary by connecting community with daily breathing sessions and breath education.

Like all of our healing and wellness tools, breathwork is not one-sized-fits-all. We are all slightly different, particularly our nervous systems. This is why Reis takes a multi disciplinary, principle-based approach to breathing. It provides the ability to work with individuals and groups based on their specific needs. He believes we all have the innate power to be Happy, Strong, and Healthy so let’s do this together! There is so much power and energy in collective healing and wellness work. Reis and Our Breath Collective hosts a variety of amazing experiences, classes, workshops, daily live breaths, private training, and retreats. To learn about and be a part of all these epic opportunities follow Reis and Our Breath Collective on IG and check out their websites linked in my show notes.

Breathe and enjoy!
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